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Must I clean the interior of my grey water recycling unit

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Can You Afford Not To Recycle Your Grey Water

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How often should I clean the Grey Water System filter

This depends largely on use i.e. the number of occupants in the household and the number of showers / baths that each occupant has during the day. As with any filter, regular maintenance will ensure many years of service. Check your filter weekly to determine your unique requirements.
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It is normally nessesary to clean the interior of any of the Garden ResQ grey water recycling systems every few weeks. This will take no more than 5 minutes. You can, should you notice a slight grey water odour when you irrigate, flush the surge tank with a jet of water from your garden hose once the unit has been disconected from the main power supply. This direct jet of water will loosen any grime that has built up over the months and, without any rubbing or scrubbing, will leave your unit as good looking as the day you bought it. A litre of white vinegar may be added to the unit for 30 minutes before activating the pump again. It is good practice to flush the system with fresh water in this way every few weeks. This will also assist in getting rid of any sludge which may have settled on the bottom of the unit over time. The small amount of vinegar in this concentration will not harm your garden.