How To Use the Garden ResQ System

Both the Maxi and Maxi Pro grey water system are connected directly to the bathrooms outlet plumbing pipes. Water from the bath and shower is thus diverted away from the sewer directly into the Garden ResQ grey water unit where it is filtered of hair, lint and other solids that may have found their way down the plug. (Many earrings and contact lenses have been caught in our filter which already is a huge saving to the homeowners concerned) An automated pump will then activate sending the filtered water to your garden irrigation system.

The safest method of utilising any grey water is to irrigate in a manner that avoids human or animal contact during the irrigation process. This is easily achieved as households generally bath or shower in the early morning and/or evening and it is also during these hours that evaporation is reduced.

Most household grey water contains compounds that are useful to your garden. Compounds in grey water include nitrate and phosphates which are, in most cases, beneficial to plants. These are compounds that are also found in most garden fertilisers. There are however, a few exceptions:

We are proud to be THE grey water system suppliers in South Africa

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Garden ResQ is proud to be listed as the preferred Grey Water System supplier for the Financial Mail. We certainly are in very good company.
Both the Maxi and Maxi Pro Garden ResQ units are fabricated from robust material that has been designed to withstand the harsh South African climate. The products and material we have used in the unit will help ensure that your Garden ResQ system will provide you with many years of trouble free service .
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