Both the Maxi and Maxi Pro models have automated pumps which are specifically designed for use with low pressure pyramid type sprinkler attachments. These units is not designed to operate a 'pop up' or any other high pressure sprinkler system. Landscaping conditions may require that the length of irrigation pipe or garden hose be lengthened or shortened. Extensive testing on a level landscaped garden has shown that one low pressure sprinkler on the Mini and up to three sprinklers on the Maxi are accommodated very well on a 40 metre irrigation pipe (20mm). This is sufficient for most gardens.

Difference between Maxi and the Maxi Pro

The Maxi Pro is identical to the Maxi except for the pump. The Maxi Pro incorporates a more powerful automated pump that allows for multiple sprinkler heads thus a larger area can be irrigated at once.


Failure to keep your Garden ResQ filter clean and free from debris will result in grey water returning to the sewer via the failsafe return to sewer facility. A dirty filter will also prevent the unit from working at its optimum.

Easy access to the filter has been provided. Regularly cleaning of the filter will remove any hair and other debris which will result in many years of carefree irrigation.

Grey Is The New Green

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