Plants that are found naturally in the wild are intolerant of a steady supply of water as well as phosphate and therefore care must be taken to avoid over-watering with grey water.

Grey water is generally alkaline and this must be considered when watering acid loving plants. Edible plants or herbs should not be watered with grey water within two weeks of harvesting and should be washed carefully before consumption.

If required, your garden centre or nursery will be able to assist and provide further information on the use of grey water on your plants.

Please use drain cleaners, harsh chemicals, bleaches and household detergents sparingly in order to limit the negative effect on the garden. (In the event that excessive amounts of chemicals are used, it is recommended that one temporarily diverts the waste water to the main sewage system).

Garden ResQ recommends the use of biodegradable and soap-free cleaners. The ENCHANTRIX product range is highly recommended.
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